i n   S h o p  -  i m   L a d e n  :

2ND HOME Concept Store
Vogelsbergstrasse 38
D - 60316 Frankfurt am Main

Kunst Meran, Museum Shop
Laubengasse 163, 
I - 39012 Meran, Bozen

Kringlan 4 -12, 
IS - 103 Reykjavik

p    r    i    m    a    o   f    f    i    c    i    n    a   was born to collect money for the tsunami catastrophe in Fukushima 2011.


A year later Kerstin,  a collector of vintage glass buttons, and Jana,  decided to set up a small workshop for handmade jewelry.


After a few years Fernando joined the team and created the series „A bracelet in memory of your origins“, a project dedicated to those who dream or remember with sympathy and nostalgia their country of origin living abroad, those who would like to live elsewhere,  and those who feel bound and related to a particular country  and its  culture.


l   o   v   e       t   h  e       w   o   r   l   d