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2ND HOME Concept Store
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Kunst Meran, Museum Shop
Laubengasse 163, 
I - 39012 Meran, Bozen

Kringlan 4 -12, 
IS - 103 Reykjavik

Please read this information carefully about: shipping times, new shipping in case of loss, delivery, and defective merchandise.


The shipping time/delivery depending on the country of destination and National Post/Mail Services. 

If you don´t receive anything after the indicated delivery time, please contact us; we will try to resolve your case, or we will ship another/s bracelet/s, necklace/s, as soon as possible.


You can have the control of the shipment process only with the tracking service update directly on the website of National Post/Mail Services.

The shipment with tracking number needs a confirmation of receipt. If the postman on the day of delivery does not find anyone at home the envelope will be deposited at the nearest Post Office. When the envelope is not picked up within 1-4 weeks (the time depends of the National Post/Mail Services), it come back to us in Germany.


For cotton bracelets and necklaces.

The handmade knots are verified during manufacturing; the knots sometime can be a bit tight at the first time otherwise unlace, and at the beginning can be uncomfortable to wear by yourself the bracelet. For this we recommend you get help from someone.. will be more fun!! If the knots unlace after a week the bracelet will be replaced with a new one.

Attention: to leave always space among the knots, at least an inch (2,5cm) distance!!; if the knots approach too much or touch it, it´s impossible to tighten the bracelet/necklace!!

The cotton threaded bracelets and necklaces are light and versatile: always to wear ; )

We recommend people who don´t want to wear it/them continually, for enables long joy with our little jewelry, not to shower or bathe with it/them, because the humidity makes the knots tighter and harder to put it and take it away.


For silver necklaces.

We recommend for enables long joy with our little jewelry, not to shower, bathe and sleep with it/them.


The beads change color slowly by the effect of light and time.


Thank you for your attention; please contact us for any questions.

primaofficina team